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Proven success with wastewater treatment systems using advanced technologies!

More than 25 years of experience and 900 wastewater treatment plants placed throughout the US, Mexico, and Latin America; allows us to give you the security and guarantee that with us, you will acquire a sewage treatment plant that will work. No matter the complexity of your project, we have designed wastewater treatment plants that others thought were impossible.

Bclear can ultra purify sewage water to turn it into drinking water with our LAOTSS registered trademark technology!

Wastewater treatment plants

Bclear does not sell generic wastewater treatment plants. In other words, in Bclear each plant is designed according to the needs of our clients and the characteristics of their project. This way, we guarantee that your Bclear wastewater treatment plant will work and comply with local or international wastewater standards, in a space up to 15 times smaller than other wastewater treatment systems and, in addition, less electric energy consumption.

Your Bclear sewage treatment plant is guaranteed to comply with international effluent standards!

Models and cost of a wastewater treatment plant

In Bclear we design and manufacture domestic and commercial (not industrial) wastewater treatment plants. What makes us different from others is that we offer the right design for each project. We can offer plants that do not require electricity to operate and, we can also design wastewater treatment systems to reuse treated water in agriculture or garden irrigation; and, if you need better effluent quality, we can ultra purify it (sewage water recycling).

The final model and cost of your plant will depend on which wastewater standards must be met or the reuse given to the treated water, the organic load, the volume of water to be treated, and the type of plant that you require.

If you are planning to buy a sewage treatment plant, but you’re not sure it will work, let us check your project requirements and the quotation you have got! We will help you to identify, if that plant is a good option for you.

For Bclear, the most important thing is to make sure you will get the correct wastewater treatment system!

Types of wastewater
treatment plants

Wastewater treatment plants designed for your needs, for any organic load or available space.

Customer Reviews

For us, taking care of the satisfaction of each one of our clients is as important as taking care of the design of each wastewater treatment plant.


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