We value honesty above all else.


We are a family of professionals who believe that, doing things the right way and treating our clients as part of our family, rewards us with continuous growth throughout the continent, as the best wastewater treatment company.

Bclear is not the oldest company in the market, but it is the most innovative and most recognized for its excellence in wastewater treatment thanks to our LAOTSS® technology.

We started more than 25 years ago as an entrepreneurial dream and today, we are the leading wastewater treatment company in wastewater treatment plants, as well as in purification systems in the United States, Mexico and Latin America.

Each of our Bclear WWTP is designed according to the needs of our clients, allowing us to guarantee not only its proper operation, but also compliance with any of the wastewater standards with the most innovative and efficient systems on the wastewater treatment market.

Currently, we clean more than 215 million gallons of sewage water everyday with more than 900 Bclear wastewater treatment plants throughout the continent.

Our Mission

To be good with water, people, companies and our planet.

Our Vision

To bring our technology to all the places where it is needed.
To be a technological and economic reference in USA, Mexico and Latin America.

Contact us and experience the quality of the water treated by our Bclear WWTP.

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More than
treatment plants
in the USA, Mexico
and Latin America

Why choose Bclear?

For Bclear, the most important thing is to ensure the wastewater that our planet receives is treated and cleaned as it should be.

  • Integrity

    Our priority is not to achieve sales, but to make a difference by returning the water as clean as our planet deserves it.

  • Experience

    More than 25 years of custom building each Bclear WWTP and complying with the wastewater standards.

  • Constant innovation

    More than 500 models of wastewater treatment plants designed so far, including sewage potabilization systems and more to come!

  • Quality guarantee

    All of our Bclear WWTP are guaranteed to comply with the corresponding wastewater standards.

Awards and Honors

We are proud to have been and continue to be recognized on multiple occasions for the innovation and efficiency of our wastewater treatment plants, even above companies of greater size and popularity.


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