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Treated wastewater irrigation to grow faster and bigger crops!

With these Bclear wastewater treatment plants, the treated water meets the quality required to be reused in agricultural irrigation, promoting the growth of your crops.

These sewage treatment plant models comply with the standard which allows you to discharge treated water into some (not all) receiving bodies, or reuse the treated water for agricultural irrigation of vegetables and crops. The advantage of using treated wastewater for these activities is not only to avoid problems of scarcity of clean water or contamination of crops by irrigation of sewage water; but that, the treated water will benefit its growth, since it counts with nutrients, that function as natural fertilizers.

Wastewater standards and cost

There is a proportional relationship between the removal of pollutants required by wastewater standards with the cost that the plant will have, if higher removal efficiency is necessary, more technology will be needed to achieve this, and consequently, the sewage treatment plant cost will increase.

The water quality required by the wastewater standards determines the cost of your sewage treatment plant.

Models of Bclear wastewater treatment plants for agricultural irrigation.

In Bclear, we have 2 models of wastewater treatment plants for the reuse of treated water in crop irrigation, favoring its growth, without risking the health of people: Naturapack and Bclear 001 B.

Each one of these 2 models has a wide variety of available capacities, which will allow you to obtain the exact sewage treatment plant you need.

The price and model of your sewage treatment plant for treated wastewater irrigation will depend on which of these models you need, and the volume of sewage water that you are going to treat.

Naturapack is a package-type sewage treatment plant, meaning it is prefabricated and all-inclusive (from pre-treatment to sludge dewatering). With the Naturapack wastewater treatment plants, you only plug the wastewater discharge and your plant begins to operate and comply with the regulation.

Naturapack wastewater treatment plants do not produce bad odors, in addition, the treated water is ideal for reuse in agricultural irrigation and favors the growth of crops. Furthermore, Naturapack complies with the parameters required by the regulation to discharge the treated water in some receiver bodies.

Compliance with wastewater standards for agricultural irrigation.

Naturapack plants are available in more than 40 capacities from 15 users to more than 4,300. The entire treatment system is in a single reactor, either stainless steel or carbon steel; making them portable and modular in case you need to move or expand them in the future.

The dimensions and specifications of your final Naturapack wastewater treatment plant model will depend on the capacity and material you require.

Bclear 001 B is a customized sewage treatment plant, meaning, they are built on-site; which allows us to adapt to the available space, even if it is difficult to access.

Bclear 001 B wastewater treatment plants offer a quality of the effluent completely suitable for treated wastewater irrigation of crops or to discharge it in some receiving bodies. With this model of customized treatment plants, no matter the available space or the organic load of your wastewater, we can design the exact plant you need!

Compliance with the wastewater standards for agricultural irrigation.

Bclear 001 B wastewater treatment plants are available in more than 100 capacities from 15 users to entire communities. These plants can be manufactured in stainless steel or concrete, and consequently, PK sizes can be placed superficially or buried, as required by our customer.

The dimensions and specifications of your sewage treatment plant will depend on the capacity and material required.

With this plant, we always have water to irrigate our crops and they actually grow better.

Mr. Reynaldo Martínez - Bclear treatment plant operator

How does treated wastewater irrigation help taking care of the environment?

Nowadays, taking care of water is an important issue, since it becomes scarcer as time goes by. If all the wastewater that we generate as a society is correctly treated, we can reach a point where there is no wasted water because we would be reusing it (in the home, farm activities, industry, etc.).

The agricultural sector consumes more than 65% of the world's drinking water, a very significant percentage that can be reduced if we replace tap water with treated water. In addition, the organic matter contained in the treated wastewater contributes to the growth of plants and crops, because it provides essential nutrients, such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium.

Bclear wastewater treatment plants advantages

  • Naturapack and Bclear 001 B wastewater treatment plants comply with the wastewater standards established for reuse in agricultural irrigation.
  • Guarantee efficiency and compliance with the regulation, with certified analysis.
  • Bclear wastewater treatment plants are up to 90% more compact than others.
  • ZERO generation of bad odors and very low production of waste sludge.

Join Bclear customers who enjoy the benefits of having a treatment plant for wastewater irrigation!

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